About Us



The Bruins have a long and distinguished record throughout NSW and Australia, and we pride ourselves on the conduct of the Bruins Representative Program and the results that we have achieved over many years.

The Bruins Representative program provides the opportunity for quality players to represent the Association in the Sydney Junior Championships, NSW State Championships, Youth League, Waratah Australian Basketball League and in some cases Australian Championships.

The Bruins aim to complete at the highest level at all times and value highly the prestige gained by teams successfully representing the Association throughout Australia.

Bankstown Basketball Association, or the ‘Bruins’ as they are more commonly known, is one of the largest Associations in New South Wales, with almost 3000 registered members.

The Association through years of hard work and financial sacrifice control a 7 court indoor stadium, including public facilities, canteen and administration offices in Third Avenue, Condell Park.

The Association is led by a Board of Management, elected annually and a number of sub committees, plus full time professional staff.  The strength of the Association lies in its volunteer support.