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Bankstown Skills & Development Program

Bruins Bankstown Skills and Development

Welcome to the Bruins Skills & Development Program. We have introduced classes based on skill level and age range to better provide your child with a pathway through skill development, competition and beyond. We offer 1-hour classes that provide our athletes of all ability levels from the ages of 5-17 years with the opportunity to learn the skills and rules of basketball in a fun and friendly environment. Our classes focus on developing our athlete’s fundamentals including dribbling, passing, shooting, footwork, defence and a basic understanding of game concepts. The classes run alongside the school term for approximately 10 weeks.

Bruins Skills and Development Class Information

Welcome to Bruins Skills and Development Program

Bruins Skills and Development runs classes at Bankstown Stadium and Liverpool Whitlam Centre across multiple days throughout the school term. Please see below a brief description of some of Bruins Skills and Development basketball Classes. 

Bruins Skills and Development also offers many speciality classes and programs across the year, including an Aussie Hoops Program, Under 9’s Development League, Under 11’s Rep Prep, Pink ball, and so much more! 


Ages6 -10 years
Available Classes

Mondays – 5:15pm (8-10yrs)

Wednesdays – 4:30pm (6-8yrs), 5:30pm (6-8yrs), 5:30pm (8-10yrs)

Friday – 4:15pm (7-9yrs)

Saturday – 9:00am (6-9yrs), 9:00am – (8-10yrs)

Class Duration60 mins
CostTerm 4 2021 Price $105 which includes a training Singlet
Class InformationStarters classes continue to develop basic skills, work on eye-hand coordination, and offer opportunities to use these skills in small sided game situations.



Ages7-10 years
Available Classes

Wednesdays – 4:30 pm and 5:30pm

Friday – 4:15pm

Saturday – 9:00am and 10:00am

Class Duration60 mins
CostTerm 4 2021 Price $105 which includes a training Singlet
Class InformationCubs is the advanced level to Starters. A greater emphasis is placed on the fundamental skills and game-like situations and concepts are introduced.



Ages11-13 years
Available Classes

Wednesdays – 4:30pm (11-13yrs), 5:30pm (11-13yrs)

Friday – 4:15pm (11-13yrs)

Saturdays – 10:00am (11-13yrs)

Class Duration60 mins
CostTerm 4 2021 Price $105 which includes a training Singlet
Class InformationThe Rookies program is the first step in our pathway for our older age group and is designed for players that have an interest in basketball and have never played competitively or trained formally. These classes provide skill instruction, a learning environment and a fun approach to teaching the game.



Ages13-15 years
Available Classes

Wednesdays – 5:30 pm (13-15yrs)

Friday – 4:15pm (13-15yrs)

Saturday – 10:00am (13-15yrs)

Class Duration60 mins
CostTerm 4 2021 Price $105 which includes a training Singlet
Class InformationHoopsters have advanced from the Rookies classes and more detailed skills are introduced. Game concepts and rules of basketball introduced along with small-sided games and scrimmages.

Rising Stars

Ages15-17 years
Available Classes

Wednesdays – 5:30 pm (15-17yrs)

Saturday – 10:00am (15-17yrs)

Class Duration60 mins
CostTerm 4 2021 Price $105 which includes a training Singlet
Class InformationRising Stars are at the level where they are introduced to competition and game strategy whilst testing their skills and this level. The players will be encouraged to join a junior club to be placed in a team. The next level of coaching will be high performance but must be graded to be elevated to this class.

Girls Only Classes

Ages10-16 years
Available ClassesWednesdays – 5:30 pm
Class Duration60 mins
CostTerm 4 2021 Price $105 which includes a training Singlet
Class InformationA class provided for Girls who have never played the sport and are looking to get involved. This class is led by a female coach who is passionate about providing opportunities for girls to play.

High Performance

Ages11-16 years
Available Classes

Wednesdays – 5:30pm(11-13yrs), 5:30pm (14-17yrs)

Friday – 4:15pm (11-13yrs)

Saturday – 10:00am (11-16yrs)

Class Duration60 mins
CostTerm 4 2021 Price $130 which includes a training Singlet
Class InformationThe High Performance Program is designed for those athletes who play in our local competition or have graduated through the ranks of the Skills & Development classes and are looking to improve their skills and overall game with an extra practice session each week. Our sessions are run in an intensive environment and structured similarly to a representative practice. These sessions provide a mix of individual skill, team concepts and understanding of the Bruins style of play. These classes often feature drills and small sided games that many representative teams and professional teams use in their weekly sessions. These drills are broken down to explain the ‘why’ and purpose of the skills necessary to perform the tasks and how they relate to competitions situations.

Aussie Hoops Program

Bruins Aussie Hoops Program General Information

Bruins Aussie Hoops Program

For young athletes aged 5 to 7, we offer the “Aussie Hoops” program in which Bruin in conjunction with Basketball Australia aims to introduce the sport of basketball for the first time. These sessions include warm-up games, Skill activities and modified games with an emphasis on FUN and participation.

Upon registration, first-time participants will receive a starter pack which includes a reversible singlet, basketball and sports bag.

Bruins Bankstown Aussie Hoops Schedule includes classes on:

Wednesday 4:30pm – 5:30pm

Friday 4:15pm – 5:15pm

Saturday 9:00am – 10:00am

Register for Bruins Aussie Hoops Program Here

Speciality Programs

Specialty Program Information - Bruins 2022 Rep Prep Program

Bruins 2022 Rep Prep Program

Bruins Skills and Development Program will be running a ‘Bruins 2022 Rep Prep Program’ in preparation for Bruins 2022 Representative Trials. This program aims to prepare all potential Bruins representative players for the 2022 trials. Sessions will be run by Bruins Coaching Director and Representative coaching staff.

Bruins 2022 Rep Prep program schedule includes:

Under 12’s, 14’s and 16’s – Monday the the 25th of October, Monday the 1st of November and Monday the 8th of November

Under 18’s and Youth League (Under 23’s) – Monday the 15th of November, Monday the 22nd of November and Monday the 29th of November

The program runs for three consecutive Mondays, starting at 4:30pm and finishing at 6:00pm.

Bruins 2022 Rep Prep Program Registration Form

Coaching Skills & Drills


What do I need to bring?

Just wear comfortable clothing, bring a water bottle, and if you have a basketball please bring along, if not we have balls to borrow and for purchase ($30).


Which class/group is my child in?

Your child will be placed with his age group and assessed by our coaches for promotion along our pathway. You will be directed by staff upon arrival to the correct court.


Do we have a uniform?

No, simply wear comfortable clothes and sports shoes


How long do the sessions run for?

Sessions run for 60 minutes. Our programs follow the school term, usually 10 weeks and break for school holidays. We also run a number of camps during the school holidays.


Do we play games?

Our sessions involve teaching skills, playing inclusive games that use these skills and then some sessions will include short unofficial games towards the end of the term.


Can my child play games and also participate in classes?

Yes, we encourage all players in our Local Competitions to attend classes also. We have classes that are tailored towards assisting with development for Local Competition players including our High Performance classes.


Does my child need supervision during the session?

All children under the age of 14 are required to have 1 parent supervise during the session.


Do we accept Active Kids and Creative Kids Vouchers?

We accept the Active Kids Voucher (beginning with 54). We DO NOT accept the Creative Kids Voucher (beginning with 99)


How does my child progress from Skills classes to Local Competition?

We can assist with this process. The first step is to follow the link below to our “want to play” form. You will be placed on a database, which our clubs can access. If a club has a position available, they will call you and provide you with all the details. https://bruinsbasketball.com.au/want-to-play-basketball


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