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Bruins Junior Representatives

Throughout the years Bruins Representative Program  has strived to develop every player, coach and official to their full potential with ‘Pride and Dignity’.

It is important that all players and parents read the requirements and expectation of families who enter into the Bruins Representative Program.

Players who are selected into the Bruins Representative Program should be congratulated for their achievement and be encouraged to make the most of the opportunities offered to them.  At the same time, both the family and the players should recognise that being part of the Bruins Representative Program is a major commitment of time, effort and money.

The Head Coach, Assistant Coach, and Manager are unpaid Volunteers who give up many hours of their own time to assist the development of your son/daughter.

The Coaches of your child’s team are responsible for their basketball development during training sessions and matches.  Any basketball concerns you may have can be politely discussed as soon as they arise.

Team Managers will be responsible for the team’s organisation and relaying information to families such as game information, bench rosters etc., they will also provide a link between the Junior Representative Manager, Coaches, Players and families.

There is an expectation that whilst involved in the Bruins Representative Program all participants understands and abides by the policies and guidelines in the Bruins Representative Handbook, along with BBA and BNSW Policies, Procedures and By-Laws.

2024 Junior Representative Trial Dates

U/12 and U/16 Boys and Girls will be trialing on Tuesday 17 and 24 October 2023 and a squad will be invited to attend the 31 October 2023. U/14 and U/18 Boys and Girls will be trialing on Thursday 19 and 26 October 2023 and a squad will be invited to attend the 2 November 2023.  Final teams will then be announced Monday 6 November 2023.

Bruins 2024 Junior Representative Trial Registration Form

The first and second trial for each age group is compulsory, players will be invited back to attend the third session, prior to the teams being announced.  If you are unable to attend any of these sessions, a Player Exemption Form must be completed.  Players may be asked at any time during the trial period, not to return the following week.

Bruins 2024 Trial Exemption Form

If you were a Representative Player for any association other than Bankstown in the 2023 season, please complete the below BNSW Intent to Trial form.

BNSW Intent to Trial Form


Bruins 2023 Junior Representative Teams Announcement

12 Boys

12 Girls

14 Boys

14 Girls

16 Boys

16 Girls

18 Girls

18 Boys 

2024 Junior Representative Player Agreement

Parents/Guardians, please press the button below to complete the 2024 Junior Representative Player Agreement. If you have any questions or concerns please email christine@bruinsbasketball.com.au

Bruins 2024 Junior Representative Player Agreement


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